Tag View Suggestion

Selecting tags in the tag view filter the list into items that contain all of the tags selected.

It would be really nice if, upon selecting a tag, the tag view (perhaps optionally) filter in the following way: first tag selected (say “A”) ==> list view updates; tag view now shows, in addition to “A” selected, only those tags that are associated with the items that are still in the list view (i.e., have tag “A”).

thanks for the suggestion, an upcoming 2.x (not 2.0.x) will probably include such a feature.


In my opinion tags need to be subtractive i.e. when one highlights multiple tabs the view then should show only the docs that contain ALL those tags.

If tags are handled in an additive fashion then one might as well leave that feature be, in my opinion.

DEVONthink can work with tags both ways. If you select multiple tags in the Tags view, then the list of documents is subtractive (documents returned contain All of the selected tags). When you select multiple tags in other views, say the Three Pane view, then the list of documents is additive (documents returned contain Any of the selected tags).

Yes. I can see that working now. Somehow must have done something wrong before.


P.S I’d like to add my vote to what the initial post requested.

Another vote for the OP’s suggestion.