Tag window keeps resizing

In the standard view, I drag the Tag window down to its smallest size, then typically work in the window above (Database group structure), expanding into sub folders etc.

Under certain circumstances (which I have not yet figured out), the Tag window suddenly increases to maximum vertical size, and the Database group window to its smallest size. I have done nothing to change it.

Then I manually drag it back down again. It seems entirely random. Is there a setting which I need to change, or have misunderstood?

No, this might be a random glitch. When exactly does this happen? While the tag filter is already visible or is it already too large right after opening the tag filter? Do you change the window size or use fullscreen windows sometimes?

Sorry Christian, I have tried to replicate it but so far it behaves perfectly. Tried various switched between fuel screen etc. Just noticed there is a 3.01 update so will install that and see how it goes.