Tagging data in the Finder with the help of intelligent rules

Hello DT community,
I have already searched my fingers to the bone and have come to the following conclusion: it is not possible to use the normal functions of the intelligent rules in DEVONthink to mark the data so that it is tagged as “red” or “green” in the Mac Finder. I can do this manually via DEVONthink by entering, for example, “red” under “Keywords” in the file properties - this is then applied in the Finder. I was able to do this in the DEVONthink settings.

With the intelligent rules, however, you cannot change the “keywords” for a file, which is why I assume that a script must be written which is then called by an intelligent rule.

Since I can’t program scripts and am “only” a user, I wanted to ask if anyone here has ever had the same problem and could work out a solution.

Many thanks in advance!

Which action(s) did you try so far? Actions like Add Tags should indeed add Finder tags to indexed items too.

Welcome @SebS

Keywords and tags are not synonymous. Keywords can be used on specific file types, e.g., PDF, that support them. Tags are broader and can be applied to essentially any file type.

And you can certainly add a color named tag to an indexed item in DEVONthink and the item in the Finder will have the proper color tag. e.g.…

Hello all,

first of all: thank you very much for the feedback and replies.
I finally made it … and it was easy.

If I just name the Tag in DEVONthink exactly like the Tag in the Finder (e.g. “Red”), it will work perfectly.

Problem solved and and please excuse me if the question was too stupid :smiley:

Best, Seb