Tagging during Indexing operation leads to strange behaviour

Using DT3 and latest beta. Normal scenario:

  • no indexing of a DT database done in background
  • entering tag info in the inspector window works as expected

While indexing a separate database I do the same and cannot enter tag information. Instead it creates a new tag immediately for every letter I try to enter.

While indexing a separate database

It’s unclear what you’re referring to here. Can you clarify?

It is difficult to describe. It appears that the usual file/document tagging process performed through the inspector side window is affected whether or not an indexing operation is on-going.

As an example of what I observed.

  • Tried to enter the tag “NASA”
  • I type “N” as the first letter, the cursor jumps forward and “N” is recorded as a new tag while my fingers are still on the keyboard
  • I then type “A” as the next letter in tag and the cursor jumps forward again and “A” is recorded as a new tag

By the end of the process I have three new unwanted tags “N”, “A”,“S” instead of “NASA”.

The behaviour stopped as soon as I stopped the “Index Files and Folders” operation.

Does this help ?

I take it you’re indexing a large amount of data during that time?

Yes - a fairly large database on a shared network disk.

a fairly large database on a shared network disk.

? You’re indexing data into a database on a networked drive, correct? You don’t index a database itself.

Not really. I’m indexing files and folders located on a shared disk so assume the index is local on my own computer.

Beta 4 will fix this.