Tagging in DTTP


I’m still getting my feet wet with DTTP 2.0, so forgive me if this is a remedial question.

Ideally, I’d like to annotated PDFs in DTTP and use its tagging features.

But is it possible to tag selected portion of text within a PDF file? (e.g., in the way that this script functions: [url]Annotation Pane (Annotation with Links, Notes, Tags v3)] – but for DTTP)

Or can one only apply DTTP tags to a whole document?

Also, would tags from the aforementioned script be disrupted if that script (and it’s corresponding tag structure) and DTTP’s tagging system didn’t work well together?


Tags only apply to a file, not parts of a file.

I was afraid of that answers…

I wish there were a way to change that – or in some way incorporate that script into DTTG. That would significantly improve it (at least for me).

I guess I’ll just have to create notes while annotating documents, noting which parts of the text I’d like to tag for later – unless you’ve got another idea / suggestion.

Thanks again.