Tagging in Inbox is gone after Classify


I have DT Personal v2 and things seem pretty good. One minor thing, and hopefully I’m just not understanding this right…

If I capture something to my inbox, put tags on it, then click to Move based on a Classify suggestion, the original tags are lost in their final destination. So I then have to dig out the document and re-tag it.

Am I doing something wrong?


Did you assign tags located inside the “Tags” group (“ordinary tags”) or did you assign groups (“group tags”) located ouside of the “Tags” group?

The first ones should be retained, the second ones not as classifying replaces all instances/replicants with the ones selected in the Classify drawer.

In case you don’t want/need “group tags” (e.g. to avoid this issue), you can disable them via the database properties.

I assigned “normal” tags inside of the Tags group, then used Classify to move the documents to a Group. So it sounds like it should have kept the ordinary tags I put on the docs in the Inbox, but it did lose those tags when I classified them.

I use both “ordinary” and “group” tags for certain documents - it makes sense for what I’m trying to do in a particular instance.

Any suggestions?


Could you provide some steps/screenshots to reproduce this? Or could you send the database (exported via File > Export > Database Archive…) plus the necessary steps to cgrunenberg - at - devon-technologies.com? Thanks!

The archived zip file is .5GB, so I’m not going to email it to you. However, it’s pretty easy for me to explain the steps.

Here’s what to set up: I have a group hierarchy of Personal -> Yarncrafting -> Patterns. I have several “ordinary” tags, such as hat, cardigan, and pullover.

Once you have those set up, put a PDF (or whatever) into the Inbox. Make sure you have Show Tags at the bottom. Type in one of the ordinary tags (like “hat”) in the Show Tags area at the bottom, hit enter to save it.

Click on See Also/Classify drawer. Choose Patterns (hopefully that will come up, but anyway, just click on some group). The item is moved.

Go look at the item in its new group. You will see in the Show Tags area that “hat” is gone.


I was able to reproduce the issue, actually the tag isn’t always saved before classifying. The upcoming version 2.0.3 will fix this.

In the meantime enter the tags before opening the See Also/Classify drawer or double-click on the destination group instead of clicking on the “Move” button.

Okay, great. I’m glad you were able to reproduce the issue and the fix request is in. Thanks for the workarounds.