Tagging or Bookmarking an Individual Page in a Document?

Is there any way to do this? I use DT Pro for document review for my law firm. I frequently have documents that are hundreds of pages. I need a way I can tag and/or bookmark an individual page within a document that allows me to come back later and quickly find each page.

I prefer not to split the PDF (takes too dang long to do multiple times) and I know I can copy page links and reference in a note (also takes too long), but I’ve got to believe there is a way to simply tag an individual page for quick reference.

Any ideas? TIA.


I use Annotation notes (Data > New from Template > Annotation–there’s a keyboard shortcut to invoke this for a selected document) to do this. While making a series of notes, I can include the Page Link for each, by copying it via a Control-click contextual menu option while viewing the PDF, and pasting that Page link into my note.

From the Annotation note, if I click on a Page Link the PDF will open at the appropriate page.

The Annotation note itself is linked both to and from the referenced document.

Thanks for the prompt response. I hoped there was a way simply to tag a specific page for easy reference. The annotation feature you mentioned is fantastic but I was looking for a faster way to tag.

Thanks again.

Tagging cannot be done by page.

Kludge would be to create a new rich text note and paste a Page Link into it, and tag the note. Multiple steps, rather than one to accomplish your objective.

There’s a PDF bookmark script floating around here somewhere - downloaded mine last year sometime.

When you’re on a specific page of a pdf, fire up the script - creates a bookmark link in a smart folder, back to that specific page. Will see if I can find it.

EDIT: Reading through what you asked for again, don’t see the above being much help. Will result in a multitude of “bookmarks” spread-out over the smart folder, probably not what you’re wanting either.

This might be more useful: [url]QuoteHighlight&Annotate script]

Each time you run the script, after the initial RTF is created - it simply adds the next quote, and the page it refers to, to the same RTF. So you could have a RTF doc with multiple links back to specific pages within a pdf. It should also be possible to set up a keyboard shortcut to execute the script, so that would save time.

I suggest your requirement cannot be adequately met by DEVONthink. I’ve had to manage very large contract documents and the annotation features mentioned above just don’t cut it at that magnitude. Look elsewhere.

Check out Skim (free) or Acrobat (not). You can easily add and search notes, print reports of your notes and comments, and do it all in one environment. Last thing you want to do is deal with a contract or other large PDF and manage a bunch of fiddly files that go along with it.

Thanks to all the responses.