Tags - Across Mac OS & DEVONthink - Not Syncing


I am using Catalina 10.15.7 and DT3 PRO 3.7.2.

I am not a tags user, but a few days ago started some experimentation. I have indexed files and Database files in my DT3 setup. I have searched these forums and read the manual, and done endless experimentation, but I cannot get a tag to be imported between Mac OS and DT3 in ether direction. I cannot believe I have in the past amended the hidden preferences to turn off tags, because not sure how to do this.

There is obviously (or usually) something very basic here, that I have missed. :anguished: I would appreciate any troubleshooting steps to resolve because its now bugging me. :smile: . Many thanks for any feedback that can be offered.

What do you mean by “importing tags”? From your description, it is not clear what you’re doing or trying to achieve (at least not to me).

Sorry, I meant to convey, if, for example, if I add a tag to a file in Mac OS Finder, … and then import to DEVONthink, … the tag does not appear to come with the file, which I would expect from comments in manual, …

Have you used the hidden preferences in the appendix of the manual?

No I do not believe so because do not know how to do the terminal change - maybe a gremlin has switched tags off?

Hmm… DEVONthink supports importing Finder tags by default and I just confimed it’s working here.

Where are you not seeing the tags in DEVONthink?

So, … I just made an pdf of the email message I got from Forum and added tag computing. I dragged file to DT# Dock icon to import into Global Inbox and no tag in evidence, … see screenshots below, ,

Go into the Help > Documentation > Appendix > Hidden Preferences and click the Off link for DisableFinderTags. Then try the import again.

Thank you so much. That seems to have resolved the issue. I was unaware of the links because I usually refer to PDF version of Documentation. In passing, I did as a mere dummy find it disconcerting there was no cue that the links had actually responded, … the link seemed dead, but the change was actually invoked.

You’re welcome. :slight_smile: