Tags (again) in the meantime?

Hi all-

I’ve been reading the discussions of the upcoming tags features in DTPO, and understand that they are based on replicants, something that’s been a part of the DT world for a while.

In retrospect, it appears that anyone could have implemented a tagged database using replicants quite a while ago.

My question is: if I create a system for tagging a database via the currently available use of replicants, would it be possible to “upgrade” the structure to the final DTPO 2 tag system? (Using Applescript or something?)

Best, Charles

This won’t be necessary. Just exclude the groups you don’t want to be “tags” (see Info panel) and replicate your contents to dedicated “tag” groups. That’s it.

Cool, Christian, thanks!

Do you have any idea why I’m getting an error when I try to access the “tags” item for a database record? I’m getting errAEventFailed -10000.

If I request the tags item of a record that shows no tags in the Info box, I get “”. If it has tags, I get the error.

Best, Charles

It’s a bug, 2.0pb4 will fix this.