Tags and groups mixed up after sync

Hello everyone.

I have a large database synced between 2 computers using two separate SyncStores (cloud and NAS). Today I added a third computer, syncing only through the sync store in the cloud (because I forgot about that other one, plus one should be enough anyway).

On the new computer, after sync, the database showed up with tags and groups all mixed up. All of a sudden, some of the tags (maybe 20-30) show up as folders in the root folder of the database. Within “tags”, some of the tags are duplicated with one copy empty. It’s a real mess and I can’t see any sort of pattern in what was moved and what wasn’t. I was going to remove the freshly synced db on the new computer and try again, but now it looks like the changes have propagated through the sync store back to my original machine.

I have a recent backup of the database, so I should be able to restore it. But it’s huge, so I’d prefer if I didn’t have to. Also I don’t really know what happens with the synced versions on the other computers and in DTTG if I just replace one of the local copies. I guess the sync store would start pushing the bad changes again?

Anyone been in this situation? What’s going on and what are my options to fix this?

Thank you!

edit: That’s not all that’s wrong. There are fewer documents in the tags on the new machine as well. It looks like all tags applied after a certain date in 2021(!) are gone.

Welcome @Anselm

Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket. Include full resolution screen captures or a screencast of what you’re describing.

Will do, thank you.