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I can’t readily find the answer to this one. Is it possible to create a smart group that returns (in column view) an arbitrary sub-set of tags (and not a view of the documents so tagged)? Say I have 50 recipes, tagged e.g.,

  • apple
  • pear
  • chocolate
  • pizza

Tags are in a flat structure, no hierarchy. Now I want to group several of these, e.g. a Smart Group called ‘Fruit’ which returns, in the first instance, a list of those tags that belong there (- apple; - pear). Clicking those tags might then reveal their records. (This is the way that nested tags currently ‘reveal’ their records). I don’t mind telling the Smart Group which are the relevant tags belonging to the category. At the moment, my smart groups can of course filter by any number of tags, but at least in column view, these return not a list of tags, but the documents so tagged.

A Smart Group as shown in the capture works

kind:tag name:apple OR pizza OR chocolate OR pear

However if you want to create a lot of such “Subset” Smart Groups it might be easier to use Script: Add reference URL to aliases and create Smart Group.

With the script the steps to create a “Subset” Smart Rule are:

  • select tags
  • run script
  • move resulting Smart Group from the global inbox into the tags’ database
  • rename Smart Group

The script uses the selected records’ (in your case: tags) reference URL and adds it to its aliases. This way we can create subsets of a database (and add more search criteria manually if necessary).

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@pete31 you are a total legend, getting back so quickly and with a brilliant solution. I was temporarily stumped and then realised where I was going wrong. I never realised that when building smart groups ‘control click’ builds a compound predicate, which allows for multiple ‘all/any’ statements. Very powerful.

I’ll give the script a whirl as well - I don’t need many such groups for now but perhaps I will as my dataset grows.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

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