Tags Appearing in Location

Since the last update to DTTG I’ve noticed my tags are now appearing in the Locations area. As you can see in the screenshot below the tags ‘pending’ and ‘youtube’ are in Locations. Watching is the name of the group the file belongs to.

Is this a potential bug? I’m syncing the database to DTTG on both my iPhone and iPad and the same thing is happening on both devices.

  • What operating system are you running?
  • How was the file added?

iOS 16.0.3 (20A392) on iPhone and 15.7 (19H12) on iPad.

Files are added via an indexed folder and then synced via iCloud (CloudKit).

So you have a Mac in the mix, correct?

Oh yeah, sorry I neglected to mention that. Not having any problems with tags on macOS. If I add tags on the iPhone or iPad they do get synced back to the Mac. However my workflow relies on being able to delete tags so a smart rule kicks in and I can’t currently do that.

Does this affect all tags or just tags you added on version 3.5.6 and before 3.5.7 came out?

It appears to be happening to all files.

So tags added now in 3.5.7 show up as locations for a file you’ve tagged?

No. It seems if I add a tag on my iPhone it appears in the tags section and get synced.

As a test I just added a new tag to some files on the Mac and while it appears to sync successfully initially and appears in the tags section when I have another look at the info pane a minute or so later the tag is now appearing in the Locations section.

So maybe the problem isn’t DTTG? I don’t know.

I can confirm that
Notes entered and tagged on my Mac
DTTG shows no tags assigned; tags are showing as locations

Are the tags that appear as locations now the tags that you created in version 3.5.6? This could be a consequence of the repair mechanism. Tags created before 3.5.6 and tags created with 3.5.7 should appear as tags.

As I said, notes are created and tagged on my Mac
For example, all my daily journal notes (current and past) show locations instead of tags
edit: Looking at other notes, I see a mixture (locations/tags); sometimes within the same note

But you created these notes on your Mac and synced it to DEVONthink To Go version 3.5.6, I presume?

Sorry, I can’t confirm the actual sync date
I may have rebuilt my iPad database syncing with 3.5.6

Edit: Tag/Location issue Fixed using Verify & Repair for the database

Edit; Fix was only temporary and some tags went back as locations

OK, that’s would have been my suggestion now, after trying to learn about how it all came to be. Great that the issue is solved now!

Followup from support (17253 - #633880)
We should have fixed the issue in the forthcoming version 3.6