Tags automatically created from RSS feeds regardless of preference

Maybe there’s something I don’t understand… In my settings (DT 5.3.2) I turned off automatic generation of tags from hashes and tags in RSS feeds:

However, I still get tons of new tags in my feeds database:

Note the #EPO and #NeverTooLate tags, for example.
I had deleted all the old automatically generated tags some days ago. Is there anything I can do?

Have you disabled Preferences > Import > Tags > Convert hashtags to Tags ?

It seems so:

And although my screenshot showed only hashtag tags, there are others automatically generated, e.g. “Advox” in the screenshot.

What’s interesting is the Tags shouldn’t have the hashtag at the front. Do you have smart rules running on this database?

Nope, none.

Is it happening in more than one feed?

As far as I can tell, it happened for nearly all of them. What’s weird though: some automatically generated tabs refer to 0 documents. But those could be the ones already automatically moved to the trash.

I’ll see if I can reproduce it here.

I had same problem.

Try this smart rule to get rid of this:


Thanks, that’s a good work around.

What’s the URL of the feed?

The website is http://ipkitten.blogspot.com

and the OPML file says


Which version of DEVONthink and of macOS do you use? I added the feed to a test database using the same settings but none of the downloaded items got a tag. A screenshot of your smart rules might be useful.

Of course only the newest ones: 3.5.2 and 10.15.6

As to the smart rules: The only one I’m using is the one proposed earlier in the thread by @jooz. At least that’s what I think – I’ll make sure when I’m back at the laptop.

Oops - I just noticed that I have the feed database synchronized on iMac where the “convert categories & hashtags in tags” setting for feeds was set.

MacBookPro: no automatic conversion
iMac: automatic conversion

Both synchronizing over WebDAV. I assume that this could be the reason?

At least I now noticed tags for some feeds on the iMac.

That’s indeed possible.

Maybe it’s worth adding a warning to the documentation?

What kind of warning? To check the settings on all computers?

To make clear that different settings on synchronized computers can have surprising side effects.

Or maybe this would be more useful in a FAQ? I noticed that some questions tend to arise in the forums several times because they are asked differently or the solution is hidden somewhere deep in the thread (like here, and like the question about keyboard short cut stolen by some weird Logitech daemon).

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