Tags, Deleting, Replicants?

I wanted to delete the blue tag from a number of documents… if I delete the “blue” tag in the navigator sidebar, it puts all the files under it in the trash… but those files still exist… I was afraid to empty trash for fear I’d delete the files, but nowhere did i see that the trashed files were replicants. I couldn’t undo the action so i dragged the tag back to the tags under “global”… what is going on here? what would have happened if I had emptied trash? what’s the best way to delete a tag from multiple files? from what I read a script is needed? does throwing the tag to the trash throw away the actual files?

Were the files replicated before trashing? Items can be both tagged and replicated. However, the next release will improve this and use a strike through style for trashed items which will be completely removed from the database by emptying the trash. E.g. this is not the case if other instances/replicants still exist outside the trash.

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Help > Documentation > Getting Started > Tagging > Ordinary Tags

i see. thx. good to know, but I thought there would be an indication that they are replicants… I didn’t see anything different, or maybe I’m confused… but is that the proper way then to delete a tag from multiple files, just delete the tag group? can you multiselect a bunch of files and delete a tag in the same way you can add one?

If you delete a tag group, it will remove the Tag from all the files.
If you select multiple files, you could use Tools > Batch Process > Remove Tags

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