Tags, Deleting, Replicants?

Perhaps there is confusion here because of the terminology.

When I use DEVONthink’s replicant creation feature (right-click → Replicate To…), the Instances drop-down box in the item inspector shows the number of replicants, and I can navigate between them.
Also, an item which has been replicated turns red and italic because I have enabled “Mark duplicates and replicants in color” in the Settings.

Tagging an item with multiple ordinary tags doesn’t make any of that happen.

Certainly, an item with multiple ordinary tags appears listed under each of those tags, but it’s not a replicant. It’s just the way tag-based navigation works.
I can only see replicants being created when we add new groups tags - hence my comment about that paragraph in the documentation.

In other words, it seems that the term “replicant” is being used with two distinct meanings.

Is my understanding correct?