Tags Duplicating Erroneously

Devonthink 3.5.2 on macOS 10.15.6
I use the Add to Devonthink 3 service in Apple Mail. This allows e-mails to be pointed to a Database Group and tagged during the transfer from Apple Mail to DT3. All seemed to be going well today; however, as is my practice I check the Tags list and sort new tags (if any) into tags groups who, what, when and where. On checking today I found that existing tags had been duplicated for new items added.
To fix this, as an example I had an existing “telecoms” tag plus a new one tagged to the new item/s. I renamed the new “telecoms” tag to “telecoms-x”. This updated on the new database item. I then added “telecoms” (the old tag) and removed the “telecoms-x” tag from the database document. I then ended up with an old “telecoms” tag, an empty “telecoms-x” tag and a new “telecoms” tag with the database document.
I have run a Verify and Repair with no issues reported.
Very frustrating and making my datbase very messy - any ideas on the cause of the issue?

May I ask where you are seeing the duplicated tags? My understanding is that every database (including the Global Inbox) has its own tag base. So when I take a look in the Tags group, I will often see the same tag several times - because I tagged something whilst it was in the Global Inbox and then moved the document to a different database, or because the tag is present in multiple databases. What shouldn’t happen, AFAIK, is that a tag is duplicated within a database. So if you select the Tags group, and a database from within that group, then each tag should be present only once.

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The tags are being duplicated within a database. This problem is occurring in multiple databases. I do not use the Global Inbox as I pass documents directly into a specific database, eg. A References database that contains articles of interest OR a Company database that contains company documents. The tag structures can be similar in each database, for example multiple Company databases.
In some respects the problem has been resolved. I ran a Verify and Repair on each affected database then a Rebuild. The Rebuild apparently combined the duplicated tags.
I am presently monitoring these databases to see if the issue re-occurs but will not know for the next 48 hours.

What options are set in Mail’s Preferences > Import?

I am Using Apple Mail - it does not have a Preferences > Import. Also I am exporting then deleting the e-mails that have been exported to DT3

Sorry. That was a mistype. I meant DEVONthink.

No problem I thought there was something wrong.

DT3 Import Preferences have Destination set to Select Group and Text Encoding Automatic - nothing else is checked.

A screenshot of the preview of one email plus its tags would be great, thank you.

Sorry e-mails are confidential and issue has not re-occurred since the Verify & repair plus Rebuild. E-mails were not tagged until the Devonthink script window opens to select group and tag item/s