Tags from hell (i.e. auto-tags that can't be deleted)

I am relatively new to DT (using Pro Office), and frustrated by the following:

Many documents that I import into DT (usually via "Save paginated PDF) automatically get assigned not only the tags of the groups into which I save them, but also some other tags that have nothing to do with these groups nor with the new document. I have no idea where they come from; they often seem to be related to tags I earlier had assigned to other documents, but I don’t really understand the pattern.

And what is at least equally annoying: I cannot remove these tags! I can only remove tags that I manually added at the time of saving the document; tags automatically added I cannot.

So this suggest that some form of auto-tagging is active – but how do I gain control of this? I’m afraid I can find nothing in the only help nor on the forums nor in the Take Control book.

Thank you for your assistance!

There’s no “auto-tagging” in DT (other than the tags with group names, that you mentioned). One thing that happens, if a document has OpenMeta tags assigned outside of DT, and is imported, then those tags are applied. In any case, tags should always be deleteable.

Could you try this? Select one of those documents, then look in Tools > Show Properties. Is there anything in the “Keywords” or “Comments” section of that pane that is the same as the non-deleteable tags? Then look in Tools > Show Info. Is there anything in the Tags or Spotlight Comments section? Post screen print(s) if you wish. Thank you.