Tags in Google Drive?

Hi All - I am Indexing a folder of Google Drive files… I am a teacher and rely on DT3 for organizing and sorting through my stuff, but use Google Drive to generally store my files and share with students and fellow teachers so I am stuck in Google Drive. In the past I would sync google drive and dropbox and then index dropbox, but all that syncing and file conversion was wonky :slight_smile:

Does anyone know a solution or have a cool workaround for using tags in Google Drive ? I use the newly released Google Drive App for Apple Silicon - I LOVE TAGS in DT - they show up in the indexed folder on my “home machine” just fine… They don’t propagate to my MacBook Pro that is also running the Google Drive app (but NOT DT3)

So - anyone have any ideas?? mAybe a different app for Google Drive or a cool metadata work around ??

Thanks All!

Tags are a feature of Apple’s operating system (or the file system, but that’s irrelevant here). So I doubt that you could use them on a completely different system.

Yes, and Thanks for the feedback. Dropbox can do it … I am wondering if anyone knows any other apps that work with Google Drive that can also do it ?? or even if anyone has a cool hack :slight_smile: I cant be the only one that uses tags, DT3 and Google drive …