Tags inside the text of a document

I would like to make my document tagging “system neutral” as well as “future proof.” In the past, I have inserted tags inside the document, either text or rtf, by using a # followed by the tag word. So for example files which contain information on modeling would have #modeling at the top. I can then search for all documents containing the tag using whatever search and indexing utility is native to the platform. This does not seem to work in DEVONThink. It does not seem to recognize the #word combo as unique. Am I missing something? are there other characters or combos that would work in DTP. At the moment, it recognizes xWord and I can use that, but am looking for my other options.


Non-alphanumeric characters are not indexed, therefore not searchable.

Thanks for the quick reply. That explains it!

You’re welcome.
If I may make a suggestion, I would use both methods: Normal Tagging and your in-document tagging. That way you can take advantage of more than one technology, as the need or platform dictates.

You might be interested in this article by Gabe Weatherhead explaining his approach. I find the double first letter of the tag works very well:


Plenty of useful ideas in his blogs.

It is possible to do this (using Markdown only) by the use of some HTML code (for example and or and ) surrounding the ‘tag’. I have done something similar by ‘tagging’ people’s names in meeting minutes and have then set up a smart group that searches for the HTML code that surrounds the name of the people e.g. ```

q NEAR/1 tag_name NEAR/1 q

Thanks for the input (and yet another example of why Markdown is such a powerful and simple format to use!)

Or alternately…

  • Use a line like this at the top of your document (but under any metadata, if used),…

<link rel="stylesheet" href="path/to/cssFile.css">

  • Add the styling at the top of the file (but under any metadata, if used), on a per document basis.