Tags look like groups when excluded. Can we stop it?

I’m a fan of tagging, but in order to stop me descending into tag hell, I’ve introduced a bit of rigour in how I apply them by creating numbered parent tags.

When I have a new doc to add to DT, I step through these parent tags and apply child tags that I think are appropriate.

However, I never want to add the parent tag and to stop myself from doing this I have checked the ‘Exclude from… Tagging checkbox for all of them.

Problem is, this changes the icon to a blue folder and they now all look like groups.

Screenshot 2019-01-30 at 09.41.07.png

And I can add items to this tag that looks like a group - which I also never want to do. I always want to store my items in one ‘proper’ group and add one or more tags to it. So, group = container and tag = metadata.

Is there an option to enforce items being added to a group and not a tag if that makes sense?

And is there a way to prevent a tag icon from changing into a group icon when excluded, which I find confusing?

Excluding a tag converts it into a group, just like groups can also be tags (see option File > Database Properties > Exclude groups from tagging).

No. It’s not a tag anymore.

Why would I want to turn a tag into a group? I already have groups. The option says exclude from tagging, not turn this tag into a group.

And the groups are listed under tags (see screenshot) so how does that make sense?

Seems to me that the implementation of tags seems somewhat schizophrenic or have I misunderstood how to use ta…groups?