Tags- messy... need help cleaning up

Hi All. I toyed around with the “convert hashtags” and “convert keywords” to tags in the preferences to see how I liked it. Now I have too many Tags. When I try and delete the tag, the file goes into the trash… but Ive been reading up and it looks like its only a replicant ??

  1. Can I Safely Delete the tag and not lose the document ?
  2. What if I ever want the tag back… can I just add it??


In my opinion: yes to both questions.

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He’s pretty reliable is, chrillek, so I’d trust him on this one :wink:

PS the original file would only be deleted if, from the tags folder, you selected “Move All Replicants to Trash” by pressing the Option key whilst viewing the context menu of the tag or file in the Tag.

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That is correct.

Help > Getting Started > Tagging

Thanks All. I appreciate the prompt responses

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How do I clean up these tags.

I thought that I could click on the first one and then shift click down the list and hit delete but no luck.

Not sure how they got created. I don’t really have any RSS Feeds but I turned off RSS Feeds Convert Categories and hashtags to tags.

Use the contextual menu (CTRL + click ).

(It’s of course subjective but I never do stuff like deleting in the navigate sidebar (which your capture shows) and use the item list instead)

No you can’t hit delete on the selection in the Navigate sidebar. As @pete31 noted, there is an option in the contextual menu: Move to Trash. However, if you selected the top-level Tags group for the database, you could use the Delete key with multiple selected files in the item list.