Tags no longer autocompleting

I just noticed this recently while clipping something.

I’m pretty sure DTTG used to autocomplete tags based on the database I was clipping to earlier, but it isn’t doing that any more.

Is this a known regression?

Edit: I can confirm this is fixed now !!

What did you actually enter and which completions did you expect? Any examples would be useful.

Sure, in this case it was a single word with 9 characters that used to autocomplete after I entered the first 3-4 letters.

Just to clarify: when I explicitly go to the database and edit tags, I do see autocomplete happening.

It is only during clipping that I don’t see this.

(if I had to guess, it might be because the database selection is not “taking effect”, and DTTG is still “in the context of the Global Inbox”, where the tag isn’t defined, and hence not auto-completed)

Not a big deal btw, I can work around it by modifying my workflow, but felt like a bug to me, so I wanted to share :slight_smile:

I believe there was a fix for this and should be included in the next update.

Indeed, this is working in the internal builds…

Okay, not the greatest screencap :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome, thanks for sharing.

You’re welcome.