Tags numbers near item

I use DT on iMac, MBP, iPad.
All device are synchronized.
This works
On iPad is a database Reisen.
I see the number 2 near Tags see screenshot.
This database have 92 tags.
The other database doesn’t show a number.
What does this mean?
On iMac and MBP I doesn’t see this number 2.
Has Someone an idea what this 2 mean?


There are 2 tagged and unread items.

Thanks for feedback.
In which way can I identify the unread items?

Today I have store 3 new items from Wikipedia to DTTG.
The new items are shown in entrance.
I saw number 5 by Tags.
I open the 3 new items and move they to DB Reisen.
Now I see furthermore 5 near tags.
I which way can I identify the new items?


There’s e.g. an optional smart group for unread items.

I don’t see smart group unread yet.
I have 4 database in DTTG
Nearby right are the number 0.
When I open relevant DB Reisen I see:

A) Eingang without a number.
B) Tags with number 5.

C) Mobile Sync without number

D) Lot of items without number

E) One item without number

F) One item without number

PDF Dokumente
G) One item without number

H) Lot of items without number


The smart groups can be customized on the home screen (see Edit button above the ist).

I customize unread.

Home screen show

  • Eingang 0

Intelligente Gruppen

  • Kürzlich bearbeitet 25
  • Kürzlich betrachtet 31
  • Papierkorb 8
  • Ungelesen 0 (this is new)


  • Fotos 0
  • xyz 0
  • Joachims Datenbank 0
  • Reisen 0

The Tags in Reisen show 5.



We are making modifications to item counts in the next release. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

OK, I hope it come fast.