Tags pane in Info Panel Hiding Tags

The tags pane in the Info panel has a really awkward behavior which seems to me an anti-pattern in UI design. When you have a moderate number of tags for an item, then excess tags that cannot fit in the pane are not displayed until you move the mouse over the pane, at which point they pop up. There is NO indication in the pane when the mouse is not hovering over the pane that there are extra “hidden” tags not shown.

This is incredibly confusing, since you cannot know if all the tags are displayed or not. I just spent 10 minutes wondering why a bunch of items were not tagged correctly until I noticed this weird behavior and figured out DT had been hiding the tags. IMHO DT should do somthing (like an ellipsis in the pane) to show that there are additional tags not shown.

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The Tags field should be actually resized up to certain limit. A screenshot would be useful.