Tags picked up in searches of DTTG

Here’s hoping that you are planning to have tags included in searches in DTTG, and, in time, the ability to select (multiple) tags.

Could I add to that by asking if we will see, in time, a tag view? My databases are a mixture of groups and tags that I create. I have moved my groups into the Sync group and retained the group structure, which is great because I see an identical group structure on DTTG.

However the tags that I create myself (the ‘blue’ tags) appear in their own groups under the Tags Group. DT on the mac does not allow the Tags Group to be moved under the Sync Group, so in DTTG I don’t see those groups that have been created from tags. I can move each of those tags group individually to the Sync Group but then DT on the mac converts them from tags to groups.

Ideally I would like to see the list of groups in DTTG include the list of tag groups.

We have great plans for DEVONthink To Go and tags will certainly be in there. No schedule is to be published yet, though.

Still waiting to proper support for tags!

It’s been over a year since the last post here…

Any developments?

Not specifically, but we’re working on a new sync process now which will help us support tags.