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Hello DEVON-forum

As a new user of a few months, I try to rely heavily on tags to make my database accessible for future use. However, it often proves difficult to keep track of all the different tags that might apply to a given file.

The ‘See Also & Classify’ - or magic hat - provides great assistance as to which groups could contain the file in question. Does something similar exist for tags? Is there any way to harness this AI power to help me tag my files?


No, there’s nothing like that. Interesting thought though.

Unfortunately, nothing to help you tag documents when no tags have been assigned to a document. However, once you have assigned a tag to a document, DEVONthink can suggest the most common tags that have been assigned to documents in conjunction with that tag.

As example, say you have TagA and you have documents in the database that often are also assigned the tags TagB, TagC, and TagD with TagA. If you assign TagA to a document, then click on the tag’s disclosure triangle in the Tag Bar, the other tag suggestions will be displayed. Click on a tag from the list and it will be added to the document. It is more work than the See Also and Classify, as you would need to click through all assigned tags to see the related tags for each. However, at times I still find it useful to suggest tags that I otherwise would not have thought of to assign to the document.
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Thanks for your replies. Didn’t know of that little trick, and it does help, but indeed is limited to suggestions based on one specific tag, rather than the document as a whole.

But I do hope DT will expand both on the way we can tag documents, and on how we can browse & use tags to find specific documents.

For example, I’d love to have a sort of tag cloud, that would point out which tags are related or often appear together, which documents form ‘clusters’ for certain types of tags, etc.

Interesting to know that DT already recognises similar tags, so that’s one step in such a direction.

Another tip I already use, and might be of interest to other taggers: I manually put different tags together in groups, after which I exclude the parent group from tagging (via the info-window). This allows for some rudimentary organisation of tags, without having the parent-tag assigned automatically, which would result in ‘over-tagging’.

A tag cloud has been discussed at length, so it would not surprise me to see that at some point in the future.

I’ve done the same thing, but one limitation to be aware of is that DEVONthink to Go treats all groups in the Tags group as tags, even if the group has been excluded from tagging. As a result, if you have a group named Dates in the Tag group, set to be excluded from tagging, and you have tags in this group ‘2017’, ‘2016’,… and you tag a document with ‘2017’, that document will also have the tag ‘Dates’ when synced to DEVONthink to Go.

Hm, that is a limitation, but not what I’m experiencing right now. I have a tag group ‘names’ within it a tag called ‘Foucault’, and neither on desktop nor on mobile are documents tagged ‘Foucault’ automatically also tagged ‘names.’ Which is better, so I’m not complaining :slight_smile:

They will not show up as tagged on the Mac side-only on iOS. Check your Tags smart group for your database in DEVONthink to Go. I expect you will find the tag ‘names’ in the list.

They do show up, in the same folder structure as on my Mac. So ‘names’ is a tag-folder, with tags in it. But when I tag a document with ‘Foucault’, it doesn’t automatically include the tag ‘names’.

Now, for my dreams about easily searchable tags… I really hope this is a feature under development.

But in any case, at least I can structure & organise tags for now.

My bad-what I described was actually fixed in version 2.0.6, and I totally forgot about that-sorry! :blush: