Take a phone note shortcut?

I would like to use more following function:

New with template > Phone note

Is there a way to assign keyboard shortcut to this function so it can be recalled quickly when needed without going to menu and submenu?

Thank you,

In Finder, take a look at the folder where the templates reside:

[size=75]~/Library/Application Support/DEVONThink Pro 2/Templates.noindex[/size]

Notice the file name for the Annotation template. It has this string appended to it:


That is the keyboard shortcut. Starting with three underscores, append a similar (different) string to the file for phone notes, e.g.,

Phone Note___Cmd-Shift-Alt-P.dtTemplate

Or, whatever works for you given all your other keyboard shortcuts. (You may use Ctrl and Option if needed). Make sure the file retains the dtTemplate extension. Next time you start DT the change will appear in your menus.

Note that the underscore prefix will cause the item to have a divider before it in the menu. Note also that future installs of DT might override your custom file name.

Thank you for solution. It took me good 25 minutes until it started working. I tried to make something simple like Shift-P and it didn’t work. Data menu would flash every time but nothing would happen.
Then I realized that I am using 2 underscores but even with 3 underscores it didn’t work. Finally I involved Alt and Shits and Cmd and letter O, now it does.
Now I have to try it on my main Mac.