Take Control EBook Documentation for DevonThink?

Before I make my “suggestion,” I’d like to thank the DevonThink team for an outstanding product. I have been using Now Software’s Now-Up-To-Date calendar and contact program as an information manager (in addition to its calendaring/contact features). It’s great as a calendar/contact program, but unfortunately, lacks functionality as an information manager. Then I discovered DevonThink. I’m now using both (and would love to see the two combined!)

At any rate, my suggestion is to improve the documentation for DevonThink. I read several suggestions for this in other dated posts. I realize the documentaiton has been changed significantly, but it still lacks detailed descriptions and is difficult to follow at times.

I really think the company should look into having the “TakeControl EBooks” authors write the documentation for this excellent program. “Take Control EBooks” is a pdf e-book documentation-writing business started by Adam and Tonya Engst, Tidbits authors and longtime Mac writers. The following excerpt from one of their Tidbits articles explains what “TakeControl EBooks” is all about:

[i][b]Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/20-Oct-03
It’s been a long time since I’ve been this excited. This week we’re unveiling a completely new publishing project called Take Control, which is a series of electronic books written by leading Macintosh authors. With Take Control, we’re creating a new publishing model for the 21st century that integrates the best practices of online, magazine, and book publishing to bring you the timeliest, most focused, most cost-effective, and highest quality technical documentation possible.

To make Take Control possible, we combined my years of publishing experience and numerous contacts, Tonya’s editing and project management skills, and the expert knowledge and writing abilities of some of the best authors in the Macintosh world. Our initial group of authors includes such familiar names as Jeff Carlson, Glenn Fleishman, Dan Frakes, Joe Kissell, Kirk McElhearn, Matt Neuburg, and Todd Stauffer, along with Tonya and myself.[/b][/i]


The e-books they publish are updated as information changes or new software updates are released. Minor updates are free. You can sign up to receive email alerts when an update is available. I have bought two of their e-books, both of which are excellent.

Take Control Ebooks home page:

I reallize that this would be a monetary consideration for DevonTechnologies, but I think the payoff would be well worth it. And the time saved could be used for further development of the company’s products, which is where the real talent for this company is.

Thank you for your consideration of this request!

Karen :slight_smile:

I would just like to echo this request. I am a great fan of DevonThink Pro, but I guess that I am not using it to anything like its full potential because I don’t fully understand the program and how it works. From what I’ve seen of the Take Control ebooks, they provide a good grounding in their subjects and are really well written and laid out.


Oh, no :imp:
I really appreciate that what “should have been in the box” actually IS in the box. And also i think that the actual DEVONtechnologies manuals are quite good (style and content) 8)

If there is anything unclear in the documentation, consider it a bug and please write to our support@devon-technologies.com! If you can reference the page number and how it is unclear to you, we will do our best to improve it.

We have used the feedback in our forums to include more how-to’s for the different parts of the application. Also the tutorial demo database came to be because of this.

So please send us your feedback and we do listen!