"Take note" behaviour changed in latest update (2.0.9)

[size=85]When I started using the “take note” feature, hitting Enter twice after typing in a tag would save the note and immediately close the take-note window.

Now, suddenly, after entering a last tag, hitting Enter a second time just selects all the tags I’ve entered, instead of saving, and I have to use the mouse to click on the save button.

How can I get the previous behaviour to come back?[/size]

Silly me! I have just found out that the change in behaviour occurred with the update. Version 2.0.7 had the old behaviour.

Please bring it back?

thanks for the feedback, the next release will improve this.

at least it is now possible to add more than one tag in the notes field without jumping back to the note content and then again to the tags field.

Try Cmd-S for closing and saving your notes in DTPro 2.0.9.

Another issue with the take note pane is that it doesn’t appear to accept text expanded snippets.i.e pre defined text you would activate by a key combination. (using applications such as typinator,typeit4me or textexpander).

My experience is that this is the case for any application that has a pop-up entry pane and the parent application is not the frontmost, active application. Using the text expansion feature of QuicKeys, I see the same thing with OmniFocus and Things-the snippets do not work in the entry pane if popped up over another app, but all three (DT, Things, OmniFocus) will accept the snippets when the parent app is active.

This does not happen to me in 2.0.7 (devonthink personal). I have even gone back to 2.0.7 because of the issue in my first post.

Thank you for this tip! It also works in DTPersonal. I’ll now be going back to 2.0.9 since I can Take Notes without touching the mouse after all.

The next release will also support text replacements on Snow Leopard if enabled in the preferences.