Take Note: formatting rich text

(DTPO v2.7)

According to the help file you should be able to style rich text directly in the Take Note dialogue box: (from the Take Note help page)

Use the Format pop-up menu (in the panel) to choose the document format for the new note. Use the commands in the Format menu (from the menu bar) to style your note.

This doesn’t work for me: even for rich text documents, all the format commands (bold, italics, etc) are greyed out and using the shortcuts simply returns a beep. Once the document is saved and is accessible in DTPO, then the commands become available as expected.

I know in the past (ages ago…) the feature wasn’t supported, but I’ve just tried it again in 2.7 and it doesn’t seem to work. Is this a bug, is the help file wrong, or is it just me?


I checked this just now in the three cases where Take Note can be invoked: (1) from the Dock, (2) from the toolbar (Tools > Take Note), and (3) in Sorter. In each case I made sure that “Format” had “Rich Text” selected. I was able to select a phrase and change the formatting from the contextual menu (bold, italic, fonts, etc.).

Is there some other usage beside what I’ve tried that fails on 2.7?

Did you reboot?


Thanks for the suggestion. Rebooting and repairing permissions works, but with a couple of strange twists that I’ll need some time to analyse.

Basically, if I use Arial as the font, it seems to work perfectly from menu, shortcut and context menu. But if I use the original font of Avenir Book, it only seems to let me use underline every time, while bold and italic only seem to work randomly. Yet, if I save the document to DTPO, I can use both styles perfectly every time. I have yet found what the random factor is, but it’s definitely there…

Very strange, but not a huge deal. Thanks for your help.

It’s off-topic, but you might want to open Font Book (included with OS X), look for duplicates, validate and possibly repair some fonts. The font you have trouble with is not necessarily the one that’s broken. (Go figure.)

Even further off topic, I’ve found that the built-in Avenir sometimes conflicts with Adobe Typekit fonts obtained through Creative Cloud.

Thanks Korm, I’ll try that.