Take rich note service vanished after update

Have just updated my DTP Office to 2.1. The Take Rich Note Service, which I depend upon very heavily, has vanished. How can I restore it?

I haven’t seen any other reports like that following the update to 2.1, and (sorry), the take rich note Service continued to work in my computers under DT 2.1.

But there can be a number of issues involving OS X Services. When a new Service is first installed by a new application, it won’t be available for use until the user has performed a logout/login or restart (and it is recommended that the new application be installed in the Applications folder). That shouldn’t be the problem in your case, as you have been using this Service installed by DEVONthink in the past.

First, check that the Service is still available for use on your computer. To do that, click on the application name of the frontmost application and choose the Services submenu, then Services Preferences. Under the grouping ‘text’, scroll down through the list to see if this Service installed by DEVONthink is in the list. It should be listed as ‘Take Rich Note’ with the keyboard shortcut, ‘Command-)’ (there may be another Service with the same name installed, e.g., by DEVONnote but with a different keyboard shortcut). If the Service is present, make certain that it’s box is checked, as it won’t be available for use unless it is checked.

Here’s a possible issue, assuming the Service is present and is checked. Is there a yellow triangle symbol near the keyboard shortcut? If so, that means that another application has ‘hijacked’ that keyboard shortcut and that particular Command-key sequence will no long invoke the Take Rich Note Service to send selected text to DEVONthink. But clicking on the Service menu command should still work, even if the keyboard shortcut for it is no longer valid.

Services such as Take Rich Text Note are contextual, in this case, requiring prior selection of text and/or images. Otherwise, invoking the Service will produce no result.

Is the application in which the user wishes to take a rich text note clipping fully Services-compliant? If one is using Safari, DEVONagent or DEVONthink’s built-in browser, invoking Take Rich Note will result in the capture of a new rich text note containing the text/image selection. But if one is using another browser, such as Firefox, there is a problem; rich text cannot be captured from Firefox. If this Service is attempted on selected text in Firefox the result is an HTML capture, which means that images were not captured. In some other browsers, nothing at all will be captured.

Similarly, a rich text capture of a selection in a Pages document will work, but an attempt to capture rich text of a selection in a Word document will not work (although a plain text capture can be made from Word using a different Service).

The rich text capture Service has stopped working when invoked on selected text in a Services-compliant application. This is flaky behavior; something has gone wrong.

If it happens after an application update, it’s possible that the new version of the application was somehow damaged or incomplete. Try removing it and manually installing a new copy of the application.

Or errors may have accumulated in the computer’s memory, ‘cobwebs’, that result in failure of a procedure. Perhaps a restart will clear the cobwebs and restore normal operation.

The same thing happened to me when I updated. I went to system preferences>keyboard>keyboard shortcuts and clicked on the services item. Well down in the list are the DevonThink items. In my case, they were not checked. I checked the ones I wanted and the take rich note service worked again.

Wow Bill, what an amazing and detailed response. Thank you. You were right. A restart restored everything. I can breathe a sigh of relief. Generally I dislike restarts because my DTP database is very large, as you might know, and after an update it can often take close to an hour before it shows up on screen so I don’t like to repeat the process more than I have to!!

Anyway, I am glad to report that the problem has been solved. Thanks again for your amazing response. Really appreciated.

I wish “(Take|Append) (Plain|Rich) Note” included “DT” and “DN” in the service names to differentiate them under System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts > Services.