take rich note

sorry if this has been covered, I searched the database but didn’t find it.

in the services menu, the “take rich note” and “append rich note” items are always greyed out. what am I doing wrong here? the only choice I ever have is to save a plain note or print to pdf and then import that to DT personal.

is there a better way to grab things? (mostly parts from web pages)



What browser are you using? Some browsers have little or no compatibility with OS X Services.

Safari will let you capture selected rich text from Web pages using the keyboard shortcut “Command-)”.

If you use DT Pro’s built-in browser, there are convenient contextual menu options to capture selected text, the HTML page or a WebArchive.

Bill or anyone else - I’ve searched the forum and cannot find how to overcome the Keyboard Shortcut in some apps.
I am using:

  • DT 1.9.9 (not Pro)
  • no Quicksilver
  • Mac OS X 10.3.9
  • Safari 1.3.2

I have tried and tried to get “Append Rich Note” with the shortcut COMMAND-SHIFT-2 because like others who have posted here I use DT to clip and assemble info from the web. In my now-dead iBook it worked.

I have created that shortcut using System Prefs (home)/System Preferences/Mouse & Keyboard/Shortcuts/All Applications add. Prefs did not tell me that combo was already in use.
I have restarted both Safari and DT.
I have looked everywhere I could think of to see if that combo is in use elsewhere (can’t recall how to globally search for that within Mac OS…).
That combo does appear in other apps, such as Tex-Edit & TextEdit, but does not appear in Safari.