taking notes with MacSpeech

Hi everyone

I wonder if DTPO and MacSpeech Dictate are compatible? I am a historian and I take notes on lots of archival material. Often I transcribe long passages. What I imagine doing with MacSpeech is rather than transcribing documents into DTPO via the keyboard is simply reading them into the MacSpeech microphone. Much faster than my slow typing.

MacSpeech Dictate: macspeech.com/product_info.p … cts_id=592

Any thoughts?

Thanks a lot

I haven’t used Dictate. But I’m pretty sure that with a bit of experimentation you can successfully incorporate text produced using Dictate into your DT database.

DEVONthink uses Apple’s Cocoa text, essentially the same as TextEdit.

You should be able to either copy/paste text from Dictate’s own text window, or to import or copy/paste content sent from Dictate to another word processing application.

I just tested the DTPO beta 2 with MacSpeech Dictate and it works just fine.


May I ask that you relate a little of your experience, i.e. were you able to enter info into the columns (comment, name, kind, etc) w/o a hitch? As I noted, I would like to be able to create RTFs and then transcribe the text of historical documents using MacSpeech. It sounds like this is quite doable (and Bill’s suggestion, too, of creating the docs in Word or something else and then importing them would work too) but I’d just like a little more detail re. your experience.

Thanks a lot!

I tested MacSpeech with an RTF formated in a table structure and had no problems inputing information. The “next field” command allows tabbing across the rows without hitting the keyboard.

As far as transcribing historical documents, this shouldn’t be a problem. The dictation mode works as well inside DT as it does outside (MS Word, TextEdit, and MacSpeech’s note function).

Good luck.