Taking the plunge with DTP, but a question first, pls

I’m in the process of trying to organize a ton of email, documents, Website design projects and photos that I’ve got floating across my hard drive. I’ve had a license for DTP for a while now (I think I picked it up on MacZot) but never really used it. I’ve started using MailTags to organize all of my email and was going to use TagBot or Punakea (most likely the latter as it’s donationware) to start tagging documents. I’m wondering if I could use DTP for the non-email organizing. I understand that there is minimal/no support for email in the non-Office version of DTP, but the MailTags site (indev.ca/MailTags.html) says that the tags it uses are able to be viewed by DevonThink. Is that only the Office version of DTP?

The one other question that I can’t seem to figure out an answer to (and that’s only because I can’t really tell what search terms I should be using in the forums) is the import/index issue - If I use import for all of my photos, for example, isn’t that being redundant? I mean, that’s what iPhoto is for. Would I still get a benefit to DTP by linking to photos? When folks import all of their documents (PDFs, for example) do you actually delete the originals to save space? If not, is that redundant? (And is there any risk of not being able to get them to export if there’s an update to DTP later that I choose not to purchase?)

Ugh And to think all of this started because I wanted to de-clutter my desktop :slight_smile:

Welcome. I too am a DTP newbie, and I love this program. I asked about import/index in the Usage forums here and Bill gave a very detailed answer which helped me out.

Ahh, gotcha! Thanks for the pointer. It answered my question :slight_smile: (Well, the index question. Would still love to know if anyone has an idea about MailTags)