Talk about knowing your audience


Pulled up the website today to remind myself how to get to the forum.

Talk about knowing your audience. There are many times I’m in meetings and can pull up all sorts of relevant information, seemingly out of nowhere, leaving folks to question how I manage to be such an evil genius.

Don’t know what I’d do without DevonThink!

Actually, that’s not true. I’d probably still be using Evernote for knowledge management :rofl:


Agreed. I use DTPO every single day and do my support in a DEVONthink database (and have for almost 7 years now) :slight_smile:


what do you mean with “do support within devonthink database”? can you reply to the forum using devonthink? I thought it’s read-only like a RSS reader?


can you reply to the forum using devonthink?

DEVONthink can be used to browse websites and has had this capability for a loooong time. I am reading and answering this post directly in Pro Office.


wow, DT is always a step better than I can imagine