Tap on top bar to get to the top, yes but …


A short feedback
(DTTG 3.0.5 on an iPadPro 11’ 2nd gen, iPadOS 14.4.2)

When I am at page, say, 154 of some PDF document
And I try to select a tool on the top bar
And I by mistake tap slightly above the top-limit of the icon …
Then the viewer scrolls back to page 1
And there’s no way for me to easily get back to the page I was, I have to swipe swipe swipe down and find back where I was :frowning:

Some kind of browsing history with left-right arrow would be handsome in such cases.


Or maybe, tapping the top again could take us back to the original position.

Why not use the pages option to go back to where you were?

Were I able to reach this view, this would indeed allow for a faster fast-forward to where I was.

I still long for a simpler way to cancel that unfortunate being “scrolled to the first page” when taping off icon.

As they said, they’re on page 154 of a document. While scrolling back to that in the page view is feasible, it is

  • tedious
  • error prone, because the user needs to remember where they are

So there might be a better way, perhaps.

++1 on that idea

Tapping the status bar is a system-wide default that advises all scroll views to scroll to the top. Intercepting it might be possible. Or not.

I made that suggestion since the app Apollo for Reddit already does that and the feature has proven to be a very effective solution for a very common problem ie tapping the top mistakenly.

Interesting. Noted as a feature suggestion.