Teacher and teaching with DEVONthink and other tools

Hello dear community

I have happily been using this forum for a long time now and been learning a lot from all your contributions!

I work as a university teacher and have a question about workflow (which is also some kind of a loud unfinished thought :wink: ). So i’ve been slowly establishing a workflow and have some kind of idea about what I want. I bought and experimented with all the tools and apps I need (including reading up on Zettelkasten and Dini’s fine book Taking smart notes with DEVONthink), so here goes:

  • Zotero is my reference tool. I mainly work with physical books and references, and therefore mainly use my Zotero for tracking. If I find a book at the library that I want to read sometime or for some reason want to be a part of my database system, I can quickly add it to the reference database by scanning the barcode or writing the ISBN. I don’t want to use Zotero for PDF-storing or notes etc.

  • In my DT-database, I would love to have some automation where each reference in Zotero is added to DT as a group. What I want to do, is to have a group for each reference. In this group I can add my markdown notes for the reference. I can also add scans of the books’ table of content and indexes/registers with the app Abbyy Finereader. In this way I can use DT as a library where I can search for all keywords and find in what book I can read about this.

  • Other apps I have and maybe want to add to my workflow is Hazel, Drafts, Obsidian. I have some difficulties in establishing a line between what material I should create externally, for example material I use for the students or for presentations (should I use Apple’s Pages and Keynote?). Should it be possible for me to do EVERYTHING in DT and just leave behind the Finder’s folder/Pages and Keynote?

On a side note, I can add that I keep my database on an external SSD.

Many loose thoughts and the questions might not be so obvious, but if anyone has any thoughts on this or want to guide me in some direction? I would very much appreciate it!