Technology behind DEVONthink Pro Web Interface


I am a developer and lately I am evaluating technologies to build a desktop-like web app.
As I am taking a look to the Cappuccino framework, I read it is used for building the Web Interface of DEVONthink Pro.
However in some of your blog posts I read you completely re-written that interface.
As I say Cappuccino not really updated in the last years, I am wondering if you move from that stack and if you build your own UI framework (it’s beautiful) or you are leveraging some existing one.

Thank you

Welcome @tcaland

Thanks for your nice feedback.

@aedwards ? :slight_smile:

@tcaland We stopped using Cappuccino as development on that framework slowed down then stopped completely some years ago. We now use Vue.js with the Quasar framework (

thank you @aedwards for the answer.
I see that Quasar use a Material Design widget set, while I love your Cocoa like ones. Where I can find them or did you developed internally?

Earlier versions of Quasar had an iOS theme, however since v1 this has changed and you now use either the $ hook to style the components, and/or generate your own theme with the theme builder.