Template which adds tomorrow's date to a new journal page

I’ve started to use a version of the journal template as part of my daily workload planning. However, I usually plan tomorrow’s work at the end of today, so a template for a daily journal page which inserts tomorrow’s date rather than today, would be great. Is that possible?

Yes, it’s possible. Here is a quick snippet…

set someVariable to short date string of ((current date) + (1 * days))
--> "2024-06-11"

If you are referring to the built-in template, it would require adjustments to the template given the specifics of the template using ordinal numbers, etc. For example, this was a trivial change but clearly the time and headlines wouldn’t apply since we don’t have a fortune-telling template :wink:

Likewise, I start my journal entry the day before
I use a customized template
As per @BLUEFROG, I use Applescript code to generate the date


Shame, I had hoped for tomorrow’s news too! :grinning:

But thanks for this. I’d hoped there was some kind of ‘placeholder’ that would do this because I use rtf templates but only with placeholders, scripting is a world I’ve never entered. Perhaps it’s time to try, given how useful it seems to be.

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