Templates not working?

Every morning I click the icon in my toolbar to create a new daily journal from a template that I created. It has been working forever. Yesterday I upgraded to 3.8.7 and this morning it doesn’t work. It doesn’t create a new sheet and if I do NEW FROM TEMPLATE it still doesn’t work. Has something change that I need to adapt to?

Do you use a customized version of the template?

Yes it is a template that i created

Anything logged to Window > Log?

CleanShot-iMac 2022-12-01 at 11.31.36

A zipped copy would be useful.

LarryJournal.dtTemplate.zip (83.9 KB)

What OS are you running?

The RTFD file alone fails to import.
(macOS Ventura 13.1 beta 4)

It’s the image causing the failure. Remove it from the template and the template works as expected.

I am running Monterey

Actually I can open it in TextEdit and import it to DEVONthink but the template fails indeed. Looks like a regression of the latest release unfortunately, the next release will fix this.

Fixed in 3.9. Thank you!

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Thanks for confirming it in the wild and reporting back :slight_smile: