What is the best way to create a layout in DTP? I’d like some of the functionality that comes along with Filemaker (which is overkill for most of my needs). Something like a blank RTF (or html) document with an empty placeholder for text, and graphics pre-defined. Which would be faster, smallest, most protable…

I would love to see a set of layouts included with future releases. One for home inventory, one for recipes, one for references. If these files came with DTP, you could capture a whole new slice of the market that is going to thanks like MacGourmet and Home Inventory type programs. And all in DTP! :smiley:


Just create the templates and lock them. To create a new document, just duplicate a template afterwards.

I use the lab note frequently. Is there a way to create a template for a rhetorical precis? It has a structure to it that I would like to create a template for which would enable me to work more efficiently. Also I would like to create a template for Analysis and critique of empirical articles. I currently have a template in Word and whenever I have to create a new one I just use the save as function. It would save several steps to just have the template available to me in DT.

Create a new document under its native application (Excel, Pages, Keynote, rich text or whatever) and name and save it.

To make it available under the Data > New from Template menu, select the document and choose File > Export > as Template.

To where am I exporting to make it available under the Data>new from template?

In the export dialog, press Shift-Command-G and paste: ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/Templates

I thought this would be straightforward… when you say “select it” from where do you instruct that I select the document?
I created the document in MS Word, named and saved it. I then attempted to go to file, export as template… and this option is not available in MS Word, nor in Excel, nor in TextEdit which leads me to believe perhaps you intended that I select it from a different place altogether??

Perhaps an interim step has been missed?? Do I need to send it first to DT?

Update: I did the interim step and added to DT then did the export… worked like a charm. Thank you so much (particularly for your patience!)

One last question re templates. Do they not sync over?? I added on my iMac (server) but they did not sync over to MacBook Pro (client). Using Bonjour sync

No, they do not Sync over. You are Syncing the contents of databases, not application resources and/or preferences.

Perfect. Thanks. So no harm in adding them on the MBP as well?

No harm at all.