Temporarily Disabling OCR

I can’t find a way to temporarily disable OCR using DTPO (for example, when scanning a document that I know I will want to email, since I can’t afford the bloat that occurs with OCRed documents).

(I’m using a ScanSnap, so File > Import > Scanner isn’t part of my workflow.)

My workaround is to quit DTPO and run “regular” DEVONthink Pro, but that seems clumsy at best, and eventually destined to break.

Hi, Stephen. Sure. Just change the Application setting in ScanSnap Manager to Preview, for example. An image-only PDF will be saved to the destination established in the Save tab.

Well, actually, I did that to change from DTPO to DTP… since I actually want the file in DEVONthink, but wanted to skip the OCR step.

I guess doing it your way, then importing from the PDF in the Finder, at least avoids quitting and relaunching DTP twice. (And I’m nervous about running two different versions of the program with the same database.)

Ah, well. Maybe the first point-release update…