Temporary scanner setting not working

I’m seeing an odd interaction between a plug-in I’ve written and selecting a specific scanner in the temporary search settings (i.e., clicking on the toothwheel in the search page).

For example, I tried searching for “emacs” using Internet Fast Scan, with a temporary scanner setting of “Linked Video Files”. Predictably, this returned zero matching pages.

Then I searching for “RNAi”, using a search set which includes a pair of plug-ins that I wrote to search nature.com and webmd.com. I also set the temporary scanner to “Linked Video Files”. This time, however, it found all of the pages matching RNAi, and almost none of them have linked video files.

Is there something I’m doing wrong?



could you tell me the URL of a page that was accepted by the scanner but didn’t contain a linked video? Then I could check if it’s a bug. Thanks.

I’m searching using a custom search set (if you need the plug-ins, let me know). In the toothwheel pane I disable depth searching, and turn on the Linked Video Files scanner. This page shows up in my search:

nature.com/cdd/journal/v11/n … 1488a.html

However, there are no video files there.


At least the current scanners of DA 2.0 don’t accept this page anymore as v2.0 will make scanners more reliable and more comprehensive.