Testing DevonThink out and stuck on add on installation

Not good, cannot seem to install all of the listed addons.

When I clic install from the Install Add-ons menu, my Safari icon begins to bounce and when Iaunch Sarfari, it opens to a blank page with “go to this address” listed in the address bar.

I do note that a new DevonThink Icon has been added to menu bar.

Thus far out of several check options, I have only managed to successfully install OCR and the Global inbox. Items such as Sarfari 5 Extension and PDF service have yet to install even after multiple attempts.

What am I missing. How will I learn this beast when I can’t even install it correctly?

I can give you one piece of general advice without asking a lot of questions. There are several good “maintenance” utilities available that will clean up and repair many possible problems in your system and user folders, including such things as permissions and corrupted caches, for example. A popular favourite is Onyx, which is an excellent utility that performs numerous checks and fixes of this kind. You can download it through the MacUpdate web site. If you don’t already use a utility of this kind periodically, it’s well worth trying. Download, install and run it (skip the disk check it will ask you about after the Smart status check, it takes a very long time). Go item by item through all the checks ad repairs it does and make sure that all the caches will be cleaned out. Also, you’ll have to restart the computer after its finished but you don’t need to restart until everything s done. The problem you described sounds to me like something along the lines of permissions or a corrupted cache. Good luck.

Thanks for the quick response. Despite not being able to install all of the add ons, I have begun to use DT with positive results. At this newbie stage it is difficult for me to know if I need all the add ons or what they even do ( "clip extension to DT for example). Given this I will continue this steep learning curve and perhaps learn what these features offer later.


What version of DEVONthink are you using?

Sounds like normal behavior for the Clip to DEVONthink Safari extension. There’s nothing to display until you browse to a web page and click the DEVONthink icon in Safari’s menubar. At that point, the extension should pop up with various options for clipping that page. See the Manual.

In any app that supports that standard OS X print dialog, chose Print…. In the Print dialog, click the PDF button. Is Save PDF to DEVONthink Pro one of the PDF options? You might also look in ~/Library/PDF Services to see if the Save PDF to DEVONthink Pro PDF service has been installed. (Some apps don’t support the standard OS X print and PDF services menus – e.g., Chrome.)

Hi Korm,

Thanks for replying. I am using the DTPO on a trial basis and I just downloaded it yesterday and so I am assuming it is the latest. I did try the upgrade command and it indicated that it was the current version.

You are indeed, correct about the Clip feature for Sarfari. I followed your instructions and it appears to be working correctly. I am assume the other extension including PDF Service have all been installed correctly.

The problem is that the Add-on menu where you check off the various add-ons for installation shows some of the add-ons as being “installed” (“ABBYY” and the “Global Inbox”) whereas others (such as “Clip”) do not receive the same “installed” indication.

I think this is misleading and somewhat confusing. :frowning:

If you click on the “?” help button in the Install Ad-Ons window, you will see some helpful info on what gets installed (or deleted) here. The last line of the help section states:

“Options for items that are already properly installed are disabled and marked as ‘installed’.”

Thanks Greg,

Here is my Add-on screen:

According to the help information that you referenced then only “ABBYY” and the “Global Inbox in Save Dialogs” have been installed. The others add-ons checked on the list have not been installed? Is that correct?

DevonThink can be described as a specialized database - in other words, a specialized filing cabinet for information. I would guess that different users have different uses for it. In my case, I’m a lawyer with thousands of legal and admin documents in pdf and Word format that I have stored in Devonthink. The software automatically pulls in every file that I download or that is attached to an email, and puts them in the “global inbox”. Every couple of days I take about 15 minutes to rename these files if needed, then to sort them into the Devonthink databases I’ve set up - law, admin, computer, clients. There is a lot more you can do inside each database if you want to .

I also have newsfeeds from certain internet websites that automatically are downloaded to Devonthink every day automatically, to help me keep track of certain current events.

The software can do very fast searches of gigabytes worth of documents in a few seconds. Example: yesterday I was looking for an old invoice from a supplier. I went into my admin database on DT, and searched for every document had had the supplier’s name in its content, and had the name Invoice. I have hundreds of these as they automatically come to me by email and go into Devonthink automatically. Within a second of submitting the search, I had a list of all of the invoices. I put them in order of date and found what I needed immediately.

I do this repeatedly for all kinds of documents that I’m looking for. Searches are much more sophisticated than Spotlight searches. DT actually uses Spotlight to do the indexing and DT does the searching for me.

There are many many other ways to use the software. I suggest you purchase and read the ebook Taking Control of Devonthink 2 at the Tidbits website. Well worth the money, contains much more helpful information than the DT site has for using the software. You should do this before you go very far, as it really helps to do it right from the start.

I really expect I will be using this and future versions for the rest of my career and beyond. I seem to learn new things about it every time I have the time to explore a bit. One of the best software tools available for the Mac.

Thanks Ken,

After a couple of trial days and fiddling I am pretty much sold on it. It has a steep learning curve, but it is already proving useful to me in the way it cross references documents.

I will most likely purchase the software, instruction book and continue to haunt these forums for free tips for sometime. :smiley: