Testing DevonThinkPro: One question!

hi there,

a simple question:

  1. import a textfile to DT
  2. I want to edit this textfile with an external editor
  3. the file stored in the DT-Database opens up e.g. in TextEdit, but the changes I make in TextEdit won’t be stored in DT!!!

is that the way DT works?

I don’t get it.

any help would be great …

Yes, that’s the way (at least until v2.0 will arrive). DT is a database but not a file manager or Finder replacement (although v2.0 might be more usable in that way).

thanks for the quick response:

so only internaly editing is recogniced by DT ???



And “Open With” doesn’t mean “Edit With”. If you do use that procedure to open and edit a document under another application, use Save As instead of Save to save the edited version to the Finder. Then reimport the document if you wish to reflect the changes in the DT Pro database.