Tex-Edit and Take Rich Note

I’m having some trouble using the Services Menu command “Take Rich Note” from Tex-Edit Plus (4.7.0): A new RTF is created in DT and the text appears in the file. In DT, however, the “Words,” “Classify” and “See Also” commands reveal that the text file has not been indexed. Pressing “Update” from the Words sidebar, does not correct the problem. In order to get DT to process the contents it appears you first have to Convert it to plain text, then Save. If, however, you “Take Plain Note” from TexEdit, it works fine. I’d like to avoid the extra steps and preserve the RTF, if possible. Thanks in advance for any advice. -David

Is the content created by “Take Rich Note” really a RTF document? Maybe it’s just a PICT image (some Carbon applications provide this to services too).

Yes, it’s RTF. In addition, DT describes it as RTF under “Kind,” and when you open the document, the “Make Rich Text” button is greyed out. I should note that I’m using the DEVONthink “Take Rich Note” service in case this wasn’t clear from my last post. Thanks - David

Just checked the latest builds - taking rich notes from Tex-Edit works as expected and therefore DT 1.9 should fix this.