Text editing while in view by keyword


sorry if this is a duplicate. Today, I’ve been editing a plain text in View | By Keyword (Présentation | Par mots-clés), the six and last view of too many. :slight_smile: Often, the editing does not get registered in someway, the DT window doesn’t indicate an unsaved document, ‘x’ in the close button. Saving does nothing. It was unnoticed the first time, and many hours of editing were lost (yeah I didn’t save for hours). A document synced but unedited by dttg, if related. Hmm. Not happy. :slight_smile:


Like TextEdit, on which it is based, DEVONthink’s text editor doesn’t do auto-save. Edit changes are saved when one presses “Command-S”, or selects another document from the list of documents. If one is working with a text document in its own window, choosing “Close” will present the option to Save the document (if it had not been saved).

If you do a synch to DT To Go while text documents in the process of editing have not yet had changes saved to disk, the synch will not include those edit changes. The synch will include the version of the document that is on disk, but will not include unsaved changes still in memory.

At least on Snow Leopard, TextEdit supports autosaving if enabled under Preferences > Open and Save.

True, and the default is every 30 seconds for unsaved modifications. But the options go up to periods of every 5 minutes or “never”, so it remains possible for some operations to be carried out that don’t pick up the modifications still present in memory but not yet saved to disk.

Auto-save has both good and bad points. When I’m doing editing in a word processor and experimenting with alternative terms or phrases, I’ll usually turn off auto-save, so that my modification isn’t saved unless I’m satisfied with it, and then choose to save it. Needless to say, I then get into the habit of saving or pressing “Command-Z” frequently. :slight_smile:

Hey Bill,

sorry I wasn’t so coherent in my post. :slight_smile: I was a bit mad at the time and didn’t reread what I had posted. What had happened was some bug that I’m not sure is how rare. What happened was I was unable to save. I had saved many times but it did not save and I didn’t see it for many hours. The red x that appears in the close button with unsaved documents didn’t appear; pressing cmd-s did nothing and I didn’t notice until I closed the document and went back and what I had edited was a version from many hours ago.