Text encoding of Japanese when importing a Apple mail

I have a problem with encoding the Japanese mail when I import it from Apple mail, as attached.

Do you have any suggestions or solutions for it?

Hi and welcome here :slight_smile: I haven’t got a clue, but whilst we are waiting for somebody with a more helpful response, could you provide some more details, please? How are you importing? And is the Apple Mail plugin installed (via Install Add-Ons in the DEVONthink 3 menu)?

Try changing the Preferences > Email > Message Content: Fallback text encoding. Then delete the email, making sure to empty the database’s Trash, then reimport the email to see if the issue persists.

Thanks for your guide.
But, I am not able to solve the issue.

What I am doing is that I drag the mail in Apple mail to Devonthink3.

I guess that a mail sent from a mail client in Windows has a problem.

But the exception is a mail that I reply to Windows has no problem.
Another exception is that dragging a mail to Desktop and then draging it to Devonthink has no problem.

Installing Add-Ons is not helpful for the issue.

I have tried all of what I knew.
But not solved.

What do you have set for the fallback encoding?

I have tried all of Japanese and UTF sets.

I contacted a sender who lets me know that she uses thunderbird in Windows.

Are you saying you’ve tested all combinations in this dropdown?

I ask since your screen capture doesn’t appear to be from within DEVONthink.

Sure. I have almost tested all of the encodes in the Customize Encodings List.

I captured the screen shot from the customize Encodings List.

Do both the default and the alternate view of emails have the same issue?

But what is the encoding of the e-mail? You can see the relevant heades in Apple Mail like so: View->E-Mail->All Headers. The headers must match the real encoding, although mail clients are known to try to be clever there …

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I stopped using Thunderbird because I often had problems with Japanese. Although Apple Mail does have some serious flaws (needs re-indexing now and then), it works nice with Devonthink. “Save Mail to Devonthink”, creating mail archives and responding from Devonthink, all flawless.

I use Japanese in a number of Mails every day, never had this problem with Apple Main, but with Thunderbird.

Recommendation is to change the Mail client if you use Japanese often or, print the mail as PDF and import to Devonthink.



Thanks for sharing your experience!

Thanks for the reply.

My Apple mail correctly works.
A problem is only when I move a Japanese mail in Apple mail sent from Thunderbird in Windows to Devonthink by dragging and importing.

Dragging a Japanese mail → desktop → Devonthink is correctly working.
Dragging a Japanese mail → Devonthink is not working.

Of course, I have checked headers and tried changing the encoding.
But everything failed.