Text Files lose formatting and hyperlinks when edited

Hello. I created a couple of RTF files that contained an item link on my desktop, synced them to my iPhone and all was well. But when I went to edit one of the files, the text formatting changed and I lost my link. I tried to other file just to see and same behavior. I went to the settings but didn’t see anything that might relate to this issue. Any ideas?


Yes, this is a known shortcoming of the third-party text editor we employed. It is also another reason we are hard at work developing our own replacement text editor :slight_smile:

ok, good to know, but then I suppose I’ll have to refrain from any text editing on phone as I had to recreate the links again on desktop. good luck with the new one! thanks!

Thanks for the encouragement. We’ll be happy once it’s out in peoples’ hands. :slight_smile:

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