Text reflow

I am thinking of DTTG on the iPhone.

Text reflow in PDFs would be nice. PDFexpert has this feature where the text can be enlarged to read on an iphone screen.

I have used DTTG on my iPhone for a long time. Works perfect. I also use PdfExpert (and tested some other pdf-apps) and easy to use them together with Devonthink.

My only drawback was that my database went up to 12 GB but with the new version of DTTG it shrunk to around 8 - magic.

Periodically, I’ve looked into pdf reflow. In principle, this is a cool idea that lets you bypass the issue with 10pt or 12pt letter-size documents being unreadable on smaller tablets and phones.

It depends a lot on the type of pdf document one looks at. In my case, I found that this does not work reliably. It’s a lot of work to implement and overall, I feel, is a losing proposition. For the subgroup that needs this feature, I recommend export to PdfExpert, or Foxit Reader.

With the new file-naming scheme in DTTG2 for “opening in” and then re-importing, this method works better than ever.

Some PDFs have this ability built-in but technically PDF is a ‘frozen’ print output and so contains a strict layout. Which is why it’s an ideal format for platform-independently exchange documents. There are PDFs with additional reflow information but they are rare. But we’ll keep your idea in the back of our heads.

I’m just picking up on an old thread.

I wondered if this has changed as there are a few iOS PDF apps which can reflow PDF text. Is this something that now could me possible in the new version of your app?


What @eboehnisch said five years ago still holds:

If a program can reflow a PDF depends on the PDF itself (cf. Adobe’s explanation)
An app cannot reflow just any PDF, and in many cases this is not even desirable. If you need reflow, you might want to consider HTML or epub. PDF was made to be static and fier to the designer’s wishes, it is originally a print format.